Art beneath your feet

The Japanese do drain covers right! I couldn't help but notice the lovely drain covers on both Awaji Island and in Kobe. Apparently the entire country of Japan is resplendent with artfully designed drain covers. Here are a few forwarded to me from Laura Boswell, my NAP best buddy, who was lucky enough to travel as a tourist after our two months on Awaji Island.


  1. Betsy, thanks very much for posting these photos and for the link to Laura's website. Kudos to both of you for your beautiful work! I've enjoyed your blog immensely over the past several months. Coincidentally, I posted about drain covers a few months back, too. But let me assure you, the drain cover in Oregon was nothing like these! Still, I found it's simplicity pleasing. The colors in the edition you printed in Japan are so very interesting. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Gloria, thanks for your comment. I'm following your blog now too!