A day for self-study...and a walk

Today, to get some fresh air, and to get away from the frustrations of moku hanga for awhile, I took a long walk. My goal was to walked to the sea. I didn't get lost, but I also never made it to the sea; I had some difficulty reading my map. But I did take a few pictures as I strolled along, and thought I'd share them here...

The view walking down the long, steep, hill on which we live.

Rice fields.

A Japanese hatchcover in the chrysanthemum growing region.

I think this sign means no littering, or watch out for angry green aluminum cans.

Buddha or Yoda?

Tomorrow night we will be attending a community party! We are quite popular here. People stop us on the street to talk, usually asking us why we are here, and children stare at us and sometimes hide behind their mother's skirts. Being 'the other', the one who is 'different', is a learning experience.

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