A return to real life, a return to blogging...

I've been back in the states for three weeks, back in Seattle for two and I am still clawing my way back to the realities of my life. One such reality is this blog which has been sorely neglected. I decided today that I either had to abandon it all together or sheepishly apologize for its neglect and begin posting again. Clearly I chose the latter. The reason for my absence? I spent the month of June in Italy attending two printmaking workshops at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence; a mezzotint workshop taught by Francisco Souto and a woodblock workshop taught by Karen Kunc, (whose work is so wonderful it makes me drool). In addition, I roamed the streets, museums and cathedrals of Florence seeing so much art I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. And never once did I suffer from museum fatigue. It was stupendous. Being in Italy for a month made for a fabulous June, but the idea of sitting down and writing a 'what i did on my summer vacation' entry is too daunting. Therefore I have decided to describe my trip in lists, for anyone who knows me, knows i love lists. I will share my lists as i unpack, edit photos and continue my decompression from travel. Hopefully this method will give you an idea of all the wonderful things i saw and did while in Italy. To start...

My traveling companions

David Knox
Ella Weber
Francisco Souto
Jacob Mckenzie
James Laville
Jess Machacek
Joanne Ratcliffe
John Carey
Karen Kunc
Kimberly Knox
Lindsay Graef
Serina Aswani

Here we are just prior to our first day roaming through the Venice Biennale.

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