Wow, I can't believe it's been a month!

It’s been a month since I returned from my time in Oysterville. The minute I returned, real life took over with its to-do lists, obligations, heartache and responsibilities. Time in my studio, where I’ve been focusing on finishing up the pieces I started in March, has been limited, but it is SO good to be using my Takach press. The little press i used in Oysterville proved to be problematic.
Things I miss about Oysterville: the quiet, my very short to-do list, my new friends, watching the sunrise over Willapa Bay, americanos at Adelaides, afternoon tea with Leigh, a large studio with a different table for everything, not having to clean up cat puke, no yard work.
Reasons I’m glad I’m home: feeling closer to my kids, (although I see them just about as much as i did while in Oysterville), friends and neighbors, my cats, my press, having my studio a few steps away, ( i walk in, look around, breathe deeply, wish i could spend the day there, sigh, close the door and head for work), a dishwasher.
My next adventure begins in one month. On June 1 I will be heading off to Florence, Italy for a printmaking course with Karen Kunc and Franciso Souto. I can’t believe my good luck at being able to participate in this program. My wise friend Kathy says “good luck” is the result of preparation + opportunity…sounds decisive and far-sighted to me. She might be right, (she usually is) but I’m still thinking this opportunity is mostly dumb luck. I just happened to be penny pinching and I just happened to find a announcement of this program while perusing her website one day. Still I am very excited.

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