Mercury in Retrograde

Life gets crazy sometimes doesn’t it? Crazy expensive. I’m starting to believe all that mercury in retrograde shit I read about in the monthly horoscope columns and I’m starting to believe all the threats about not forwarding email. You know the ones…“this email must be forwarded to everyone you know within the next seven minutes or tomorrow something bad will happen to you!” In the last two months I’ve had a run of bad luck. Well, more like a string of annoying and expensive home and car repairs. Here’s a list:
A broken latch making my Cuisinart unusable.
A broken fuel pump in one car,
A broken computer in the other…why does a car need a computer anyway?
A couple of nasty dents and gouges on the hood of my car (left by someone who apparently didn’t know he or she had done so…probably a Jim-Bob who drives a Hummer and routinely rolls over small cars and children without knowing it).
A swampy bog backyard needing thatching, aerating, and de-mossing.
Two lilac trees needing drastic pruning or death by chainsaw.
A broken clothes dryer.
A trickling toilet that occasionally produces a mysterious puddle.
A kitchen faucet that drips enough to fill a watering can daily.
A microwave oven that sparks and glows.
A refrigerator whose doors have decided to remain ajar.
I just have to wonder what sort of bad karma-ish thing I’ve done to deserve this spree of costly repairs and replacements. Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t pass along that important message from the Dalai Lama. Really I am. Ditto on the email about the starving kids who try to sell you perfume but it’s really ether and then they bop you on the head but maybe they are really just your guardian angel and have come into your life for only a season…blah, blah and blah.
On the other hand, maybe I’m a modern day Job, (Jobelle?) and my patience will result in some greater glory…maybe a spot on a home makeover program.
In any case the above list combined with a list of summer activities and obligations has distracted me to the point of madness for I haven’t spent any time in my studio and little time in the ‘art world.’ I did the Artist’s Garage Sale back in June which, despite the dismal weather and my general lack of experience with such things, went well. I have some prints hanging in the Edmonds Library which actually earned a little press action in some local papers. And of course I’ve looked in on a few galleries, museums and shows, but doing so when I’m not working myself only makes me anxious. To be honest, I have been experiencing a rather scary dearth of inspiration and have produced no new work. I’ve pulled out my copy of The War of Art for re-reading and placed an online order for Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit. I’m seeking inspiration, comfort or a kick in the ass. But what I’m REALLY hoping is that my attendance in the upcoming EDGE program (for which I have been frenetically preparing) will be a turning point. I’m hoping it will put an end to my home appliance crisis, (seriously, how many other things can break? Wait, don’t answer that.) and put an end to the artist drought I’ve been experiencing. One can only audaciously hope. But, to ensure my good fortune you must pass this along to at least seven friends in the next seven minutes. Just kidding.

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