One down, two to go

Daughter M has been delivered to her university of choice, not without a fiasco. A failed sprinkler system prevented her from settling in to her dorm room immediately, but with the help of big fans, drainage tubes and professional water removal specialists running here and there measuring moisture levels, she was able to move in a few days later. Let’s hope this is not some sort of sign or omen for her life on campus. Although, she did tell me that the other day she spilled a bowl of soup down her front and everyone in the cafeteria looked up (at her) as the bowl, tray and its contents hit the floor with a resounding clatter. ugh.
Also made a furniture delivery run to Eugene with number one son. He has a nice apartment, well, actually it’s a nice room, in a well-kept home a few blocks from campus. We picked up a few things at Ikea and spent the evening putting them together. His space is well lit and cozy. Although his is not a ‘party house’ (which his landlord made very clear) there is one conveniently located across the street. On the next block over is a Circle K and across the street from that, an excellent coffee shop.
All this frenetic activity getting my offspring ready to head off to, and return to, college is completely distracting me from the fact that in a month’s time they will ALL be GONE. My nest will be empty…I mean really empty…like, they won’t just be at a sleepover or at camp for a week…in fact, I might not see them for months at a time…maybe I’ll get another cat. The upside to all this activity is that my mind has has been churning with ideas. Nix the more cats idea, I think I’ll get back into my studio.

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