I'm coming out

All my blogging up to this point has been anonymous by choice. I would never in a million years consider myself a writer, but I must admit I do like to write. I like giving myself writing assignments, crafting up a little essay, posting and archiving those essays someplace where no one I know will ever find them; or if they do, they’ll never know it’s me because I’ve used a pen name. It’s rather imidating for me to know someone might actually read some of the things I’ll be posting here! I’m going to start slow, keep it simple and not try to wow anyone with my literary genius. That was a joke. What I’ll post here is news and information about where I’ll be showing my work, my thoughts about work I might see in the area, and perhaps some insights and works in progress from my studio. So, welcome to my website, welcome to my blog, I hope you will return often and maybe share a comment or two, but if you do comment, please, be nice.

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